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Innovation Insights will work closely with your company or organization to understand the competitive environment in which you currently operate (your red ocean environment), stream line your project management processes and then assist your company identify and occupy uncontested market space (a clear, blue ocean environment) for your business, products and services that allows you to leap ahead of your competition.

A typical consulting engagement will begin with Dr. Penton or one of the Innovation Insights Associates spending a day to several days in your company or organization to fully understand your current issues, competitive position, strengths and weaknesses. Using this “As-Is” position of your company or organization, Innovation Insights, LLC will then work closely with your company or organization to identify Wide-Moat-Uncontested-Market-Space™ (WMUMS™) for your business, and assist you in occupying and protecting this unique-to-your-company market and business space.

Depending on the issues and competitive environment of your company, an Innovation Insights consulting engagement may last from several days to several weeks. And as part of Innovation Insights consulting services, we will train your staff in the techniques and use of WMUMS™ methodologies.

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