Success Stories


“Significantly helped our engineers and scientists in our R&D department to better understand customer needs.”
R&D Director, large petrochemical company

“Gave our New Business Development group valuable new tools to identify and visualize customer latent needs.”
Vice President, New Business Development, specialty chemical company


“I went into this workshop skeptical if I would learn anything new, but was greatly surprised by the new and practical concepts introduced. I will use them in my department.”
Vice President, Global Financial Services, large global bank

Software / Technology

“The KAI and Ambiguity Assessment is a great tool to understand how we approach problem solving. Have had Innovation Insights return multiple times to carry out the assessments in different parts of my company.”
CEO, software development company


“Allowed us to identify services we were providing that were not valued by our patients, and replace them with new services that were truly valued and appreciated.”
Executive Director, Non-Profit Medical Clinic

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